Illustration work in progress

This is a small section of illustration I started working on a few nights ago, its still pretty rough round the edges but it’s getting there. It’s loosely based on a random picture of an old man I found in my images collection, I referenced the picture for a rough idea of light and shadow and the rest is imagination. My aim is to create a weathered look, like the face is a huge monument formed of twisted wood, rock and other natural materials that have been blasted by the elements over time.  It’s to be part of a larger landscape image, I won’t give too much away at this point, but the finished image will be posted soon(ish).

Sea DogSea dog 2



New short in the making

Here’s some shots from an animation I’ve been working on and off for almost two years now – it’s a project I keep returning to every few months and tweaking. It’s the story of one boy’s journey home across the inner city and as you can probably tell it’s pretty dark (even for me) – it’s a bit of a diversion from my more vibrant cartoon style’s. But it compliments the narrative of the piece. The screens here aren’t actually finished, it’s more a work in progress at this point but it’s almost there. The film should be finished in a month or so with any luck.