6 thoughts on “All Aboard!

  1. All aboard … to Nowhere: 3 minutes!
    Let us make haste, else we might miss it!
    (no eye contact!)

    You must be quite a fan of 1984 and “They Live” (if you don’t know the short story on which this was based, I can warmly advise it. I recently discovered it and found it to be even more profound: http://www.whale.to/b/eight_o.html )

    Steve, you are quite a genius! Every age needs its artists to lift the veil and show the people what is going on all around and inside them. There are not enough of such artists today. I am glad I found your work today!

    I would like to ask you to work together on a project, but I think you probably get tons of requests and I’m afraid I wouldn’t stand a chance. I don’t even know how to “describe” what I am or do. I started making a website (http://dreamtree.bl.ee/) to try to get things together. Everything I do – music, drawing, writing, thinking, analysing dreams etc. – belongs to one meaningful whole. I think your work is very holistic as well. It contains many elements and layers.
    Right now I am working on a comic to be turned into a video with sound and music to try to tell what is happening today. I use the story of the Titanic as a metaphor for the world that has hit the ice berg and is sinking. The wizard in a small boat with binoculars invites us to take a closer look and observe the different reaction happening on and around the boat. There is denial (“it’s not sinking! Let us party!”), prevention (living in the past), securing safety boat (I chose the right religion and thus will be saved!) and lastly wishful thinking (“With the power of our mind we will transform this ship in a yellow submarine and a new age shall begin!” – New Age).
    That’s a part of it. The end involves the wizard who saved someone from drowning with his little boat, and the rescued one ponder about the ice berg: “If the ship represents the world, then what is the ice berg?” And the wizard answers with a song (just with guitar) that basically tells us that the ice berg is the human heart that has turned into ice but the people don’t realise it.
    Well, I guess I am getting long winded (as usual) and you might not have the time to read all of this.
    Anyway, if you’re interested, you could also check out my music on SounCloud. I think you’ll find it quite different from much of today’s music. https://soundcloud.com/musicmythology

    Cheers and I hope to get in touch with you some time!

    Keep up all your fantastic work!

    Kevin AKA This Wizard

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