New short in the making

Here’s some shots from an animation I’ve been working on and off for almost two years now – it’s a project I keep returning to every few months and tweaking. It’s the story of one boy’s journey home across the inner city and as you can probably tell it’s pretty dark (even for me) – it’s a bit of a diversion from my more vibrant cartoon style’s. But it compliments the narrative of the piece. The screens here aren’t actually finished, it’s more a work in progress at this point but it’s almost there. The film should be finished in a month or so with any luck.

6 thoughts on “New short in the making

  1. Awesome snaps Steve. The story sounds interesting. Let me know when it’s out and you can send me an email about the making of the video and I’ll do a feature of it. (Featured Video series on my site)

  2. I would like to use their work as a reference in the production of the periphery of cultural projects, know cartonistas able, however need a reference and you are the most appropriate for their work exposes the reality, much success congratulations.

    awaiting return!

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