8 thoughts on “Who Da Man

  1. Heyy man, I love what your doing, your animations and drawings are unique. I thought you had more content on your site but, I am subscribed to you on YT so I’ll know when you have a new video anyways.
    Keep up the work and dedication, I know editing and doing these things isn’t easy, I’m just impatient for the videos hahaha.
    Best wishes!

  2. And mind the irony: on top of it all, we even get ourselves pets to make us feel fetter. How shameless and pathetic is that ? (And this accusation goes to myself as well; all of us including myself are guilty as charged. One might argue that the degree of complicity varies from one individual to another, but does that ultimately make a difference ?)

  3. Now that everything is dying I felt inclined to beg for mercy recently, but I wonder who to address to, and if I am honest to myself I I doubt we’d deserve it. I guess it’s more that I’m trying to save my own ass, kind of. Sad.

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