The Final Handshake


Here’s a piece I’ve been working on and off during the late nights for a couple of weeks now, a visualization what I imagine Man’s final handshake could be.¬† I started by hand drawing the various elements before scanning them in and arranging and adding colour elements in Photoshop. It’s now been through a heap of changes since its initial incarnation- originally it was to be a quick small black and white portrait format piece, with just the figures and the landfill hill with a plain coloured backdrop. Then I started organically adding elements – smoke twists, a few hills etc, and it kept increasing the frame/zooming out until eventually it just evolved into more of a sprawling landscape piece. It’s been through a load of colour changes too, monochrome¬† initially, to gloomy sepia, to the usual apocolyptic fiery red and then the nuclear green hue it is now.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t actually happen. Enjoy!