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  1. My goodness Mr. Cutts. This is the first of your work I’ve ever seen and by golly is it ever impressive. Just outstanding. Keep up the good work, man.

  2. Nice, very nice. I loved to watch MAN & IN THE FALL. You have a God’s gift, dont waste it on nasty dead open mouth faces. You are able to do more! Good luck.

  3. Awesome, an amazing job about the forgotten obviusly. Thanks from Northerm of Spain for this nice present.

  4. I have to submit an article on audiovisuals for the PSSA magazine tomorrow. Have been thinking about content for a month now – then I saw “Man”! What a brilliant visual narrative! I started my article with: “Have you watched “Man” by Steve Cutts on vimeo.com?” The rest of the article is a discussion of all the elements of this brilliant piece of work. I hope you don’t mind and I sincerely hope all the AV workers in PSSA learn from it!

  5. Great animation. Just a piece of art like all of your work. So sad and true thought… :/
    Best regards!
    Evie, Poland.

  6. I learned about MAN because Grist news featured it today. It’s beautiful and gives me the cold shivers at how much truth you’ve captured in it.

  7. Awesome work. I gave myself a little pat on the back for being a vegetarian after that. I never understand how people can justify the murder of innocent animals. I think Smith was right. We are a virus on this planet. Thank you for the great animation.

  8. Wicked, elegant, depressing. I found it on a posting by the National Museum of Animals & Society Facebook page (museumofanimals.org). Good job – I think this will be very useful for many. Congratulations. Perhaps now an animation of those of us who are trailing him trying to undo the ravages of this archetype and connect with animals and nature? Also – maybe one focusing on how these sensibilities are reflected in deathcare – and contested by the green burial movement (greenpetburial.org)?

  9. Genius Animation Steve!…..I am now a huge fan! Thank you for getting it right with a bit of humor at the end…..chuckle chuckle! Also “liked” your page on FB! Look forward to seeing more……Ciao for now!

  10. I’ve only been doing animation for over a year now, but this totally encourages me to go on and hopefully one day make something fantastic like this. absolutely loved it. Big fat punch in the face and yet also made me laugh so hard. Keep up the fantastic work !

  11. Lovely animation. A treat. Alien retribution joke at the end, just to stop you giving up there and then. Thanks Steve.

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  13. I saw “Man” on the Russian social site VK and posted it on my Facebook. The animation, level of detail and concept is brilliant!! I’d love to have a downloadable copy for my collection. Cheers from California, Steve!

  14. Thanks for this – so sad but so true. And brilliantly done. But I must ask: How do you square this good work with working for large corporations (the greed of) which are the key cause of our follies, especially in recent times and sadly ever-growing?

  15. Well, a “politically correct” video.

    If there had been woman there doing the same it would have created a worldwide moral outrage. Or if there had been any other distinguishable (african etc.) there it would also have created the same.

    The only correct scapegoat is the white, meat-eating heterosexual male. Any other is labelled racism, misogyny, etc.

  16. Fantastic! I loved it! I’ve got it from a friend by Facebook. What a wonderful fable! From now on, I’m your fan. (I’ve just entered your blog and watched “In the fall” and “Shoreditch of the Dead” also.) Thanks!

  17. A real piece of art !!, a perfect understanding , of the human behaivor…. U r true to yourself!!!,,, im admired !!!

  18. Hi Steve
    Absolutely friggin brilliant. Live the music with it. Found it on Conscious Evolution. So glad I did. I’m only hoping we can save this beautiful planet before its pillaged to nothing. I am more positive when I see animations like yours. Thank you ❤

  19. its great story. thought provoking about nature relationship. maybe we have to make sure, its real situation in Japan.

  20. I have watched this in excess of 20 times. It deserves the highest award for animation and if we had an award for truth about humanity, this too.

    It is simply, brilliant.

    I hope to see more from you.

  21. Absolutely brilliant!!! I just watched the 2012 Oscar Nominated Animation Shorts and I think ‘Man’ tops them all. This year’s batch was just too corporate…a Simpsons episode for cryin’ out loud? Released by Fox and written by the Simpsons’ writers? And although I enjoyed Disney’s ‘Paperman’, it was a tad sentimental. And I really didn’t like ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’, which seemed to scream “NOMINATE ME!” Seeing any of those once was good enough for me. On the other hand, I can’t stop playing ‘Man’ and ‘In the Fall’.

  22. Very very very very very very very very very very good job ! (Same for The Human, but ironically…)

  23. It made my cry , this is amazing , it changed my point of view , I think I’m going to be vegetarian …. Greetings from Israel

    1. Yes, it made me cry, too…an outstanding animation! First of your work that I’ve seen, and you got me, man….I’m a loyal fan already. To think you summed up our world situation in about three minutes is pretty astounding, and that this animation is now available for the world to see is exceedingly important…you said it all, and everyone else has to see it to change their world view, or we’re all dead…..thank you, thank you, Steve, for your brilliant work!

      1. Julie – you can do even better! Vegetarians do not eat the flesh of other animals, but can still contribute majorly to the decimation of the planet and the immense cruelty to animals by consuming eggs and dairy and wearing clothes made from animal fibre and skin…using products tested on animals, supporting the cruelty of zoos and circuses and rodeos – become a compassionate human being who causes as little harm as possible to the Earth and its inhabitants by becoming vegan – live cruelty-free, not just flesh-free. If you can live a happy, healthy life without harming others, why wouldn’t you? Think of the health benefits too of zero animal protein in your diet – better for the planet, better for the animals and better for human health.

  24. Great work. Brilliant. Steve you have beautifully shown us the truth of the human journey – that it has always been the same, and that the very destructive quality in us will continue until our demise…unless of course we wake up and live in the truth, not in our deluded wanting.

    A question for you Steve….I noticed you promote that you have done work for Coca Cola….so are you not contributing to the madness you have so eloquently depicted?

  25. Came across a link to your video while reading article comments on Truthdig.com and was subsequently blown away. Smart, amazing and brilliant!! Please keep it up 🙂 🙂

  26. Hey! Excellent animation. It’s enough cruel and true. Somebody showed this one in a environmental meeting in my country. That’s why I knew about you.

    Greetings from Colombia.

  27. Yeah, and that’s why I choose a religion.
    Islam doesn’t accept all that stuff. God placed limits, maybe they are a bit hard to apply but then you would respect everyone and everything.
    Thanks Steve Cutts.

  28. Let me tell you, you are one of the best artists! You expressed what you wanted in a so clear and understanding way, while being realistic you create the exaggeration with the aliens! You really had a good will to make the animation and you did it so! Well done, gets thumbs up from me!! (I know how cool it is to see your hard work rewarded, so i want to give ya that fealing bro!)

  29. Amazing job!
    I have always wondered how do they make this kind of “cartoon” animations? Do they draw each frame by hand?
    what kind of tools do they use?
    I wouldnt mind to start little by little to learn this kind of animations
    Thanks for the info!

  30. Thanks for the animation!!! I guess it´s been very hard work for you making this video. I´m a Professor in Mexico and I´ve been using this video during my first class of the course of sustainable development as an introduction for the principal topic. I think this it´s the perfect way to show to my students some perspectives about the ways that the current model of social development applied in my country could drive us if we continue with a consumption without conscience.

    Thanks for all, and I hope there is no trouble for continun using it.
    Greetings from Chiapas, Mexico!!!

  31. Reblogged this on mir geht es gut and commented:
    Eine Animation die echt treffend ist, und gut zu unserem Bewustarier-Thema passt. Auch wenn die Musik in der Mitte etwas anstrengend ist bitte bis zum Schluss anschauen.
    Bin mal gespannt, ob es wirklich so endet mit uns…
    Viel Spaß beim drüber nachdenken, xo Katrin

  32. Steve, you forgot about all the over breeding we do as a spices, so all the wealthy shareholders of corporations have more crap to sell to us, otherwise, your right on the money!

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