The Walk Home

Based on the images I posted on here a month or two back, here’s my new short ‘The Walk Home’.  I find its good to go on an artistic detour from time to time, this being a very different beast to most of the films I’ve created so far and it resurrects some elements of the graphic novel styles I was creating a few years back.  The story itself is a kind of montage of the dark underbelly of society, told through the eyes of a vunerable boy wandering the city, who eventually makes a shocking discovery.

Kitten Head illustration

Heres some nice fluffy kittens for you all to look at.
Heres some nice fluffy kittens for you all to look at. Everyone loves kittens right? Even if they have forcefully taken up residence in this unfortunate gentleman’s brain cavity.  This is the second part of my ‘Cat’s taking over the world’ series (the other being here).  More on the way soon, close up’s and original concept sketches below:

New short in the making

Here’s some shots from an animation I’ve been working on and off for almost two years now – it’s a project I keep returning to every few months and tweaking. It’s the story of one boy’s journey home across the inner city and as you can probably tell it’s pretty dark (even for me) – it’s a bit of a diversion from my more vibrant cartoon style’s. But it compliments the narrative of the piece. The screens here aren’t actually finished, it’s more a work in progress at this point but it’s almost there. The film should be finished in a month or so with any luck.

How we Impact Our Planet – Animated Short Films and Interview with Steve Cutts

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Here’s my recent interview with Featured E-Magazine:

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Steve Cutts is an illustrator and animator currently living and working in London. His work is fascinating, thought-provoking and usually lends an important message. His messages rangefrom environmental awarenessand how we pollute and destroy the earth ( film “Man”), animal rights (film “What a Hunt”) to the humorousandeducational (film “How Will You Die”). His art and film is mixed in humor and sometimes a more serious spin ofman’s interaction with our environment and how itimpacts the world we live in.

Steve was recently contacted by NPR for a story animation in NPR’s health section written by John Poole. This was right up Steve’s alley. The story entitled “How Will You Die” needed an animation to go along with the main story line.

NPR initially got in touch with me a few months back to commission an animation about the various ways people die around the globe. The film…

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